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españolLion Rolling Circus Regular Size (1 1/4) Ultra Thin Rolling Papers (Col)

Lion Rolling Circus 1 1/4
Ultra Thin (Silver line) Rolling papers

High quality ultra-fine smoking papers for slow combustion and even burn. Made from all natural vegetable fiber and gum.

Available in all 4 freaky characters:
- Evil Clown
- Bearded Lady
- Mr. Brujo
- Jellybelly & Silverfuck

Product description:

Paper ultra thin
Paper grade 13gr/ m2
Paper size 1 1/4
Box Weight 5 oz
Box 25 booklets
Booklets 50 leaves

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Lion Rolling Circus 1 1/4
Ultra Fino Silver

Papel para fumar Ultra-Fino de alta calidad para combustión lenta.
Hecho con fibra vegetal.
Presentación regular 1 1/4 79 x 44 mm en caja tipo mostrador con 25 cajetillas de 50 hojas C/U.

Descripción del producto:
Papel Ultra Fino
Gramaje 13gr / m2
Tamaño del Papel 79 x 44 mm
Peso x Display 307 gr - 10,8 oz
Caja 25 cajetillas
Cajetilla 50 hojas

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